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Atkins Insights has more than 6000 leading experts who have an average of 10-15 years working experience in different fields from Healthcare, Financial Services, TMT, Transportation, Energy, Chemical, Education, and Real Estate. Over the years, experts have provided services in Expert Interviews, Industry Surveys, Roadshows, etc. 

Experts of Atkins Insights gathered outstanding industry know-how and subject matter expertise. Their profiles vary from domestic and international Policy Experts, Economic Advisors, Academics, Scientists, Doctors, Business Executives, to leading figures in various fields. Atkins Insights aims to build a professional knowledge and experience sharing platform for business and individuals. 

A knowledge broking boutique, Atkins Insights manages a brand-new expertise sharing, and experience transmission model, which through interpersonal communication achieves the interaction between methodology and experience. Services cover Consulting, Investment Fields (e.g., Asset Managers, Securities Houses, PE/VC and other Investment Funds) and Corporate Clients.



Atkins Insights' continuously provides expert interview services for Mutual funds, Hedge funds, PE/VC, Global enterprises, Consulting firms and high-net worth individuals. Including phone interviews, non-deal road show, and corporate access. 



Atkins Insights´ survey provide in-depth insights of industry trends for our clients. Surveys and channel checks can range in scope and detail, but share in common Atkins Insights' ability yo compile data from enough sources for clients to to draw meaningful conclusions from the data. Our research team will objectively analyse the industry landscape, suggest alternate and new sources for data, and track emerging trends based on the data we receive from experts and public information. Our team can arrange and execute phone or email-based surveys with targeted experts or solicit data serves as a reference point for clients making their strategic decisions. 


The latest industry trends, risk behaviour and risk factors are analysed based on Analysts' insights into  the industry combined with a wide range  of network resources, unique way of data collection, the depth of the computer data mining and the ability to provide new solution and guide the investment demand. The Analysis report is different from the Seller's report, which is a good addition.


Combining our expert network with traditional market research, we are able to provide customised market research and strategic consulting services for our enterprise clients. Our research team consists of senior research analysts with expertise in a multiple of industries. Atkins Insights' has cultivated many successful cooperative relationships with hundreds of prestigious domestic and global enterprises, helping them formulate proper market strategies and promote the rapid growth of their business. 



We know that you have a busy schedule every day, and can simply not be in more than one place at a time. Therefore, we have launched an online conference (telephone/network) so that you can stay at home and still have efficient learning and communication.




Our clients are C-suite, Business Unit Owners and Line Managers, Strategic Marketing Professionals, M&A Leaders, Research & Development Managers, Innovation & Product Development Heads, Market Research Leaders, Corporate Strategy & Business Development Directors, etc.



It includes PE funds, VC funds, Principle Investment, Family Office, High Net Worth Individuals, etc. We partner with investors in both public and private investing by providing context and perspective across all stages of the investment cycle.


We work closely with Management Consulting and Business Advisory firms, Advertising & PR Agencies, Market Research Firms, etc. We support our clients on new business development by enhancing their category expertise before the pitch; thought leadership development by collaborating with industry executives and leading academics to gain insights; initiatives management by testing ideas to bolster conviction; internal learning and development by creating relevant learning content.



We help differentiate sell-side clients’ equity research by providing access to unique market insights from on-the-ground industry professionals and academics in all major fields and locations.

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